How does  the PRO SCHOLA Cultural Educational (Pedagogical) Association help  the  Bod PéterTeacher  training-school and the  teacher training college?

Is there anything more important then together with our friends, colleagues, students to  do  something for the benefit of culture.

We really feel the school ours  if we do not only the compulsory , but with agglomerated knowledge and goodwill we can do something for  our fellowship.

In  together thinking and creating, in the professional evolution of our colleagues, through the students training to become citizens gives us beauty and satisfaction.

My presentation is on a special organization, on the Pro Schola Cultural Educational Association(called Pro Schola  below) Besides my own experience I lean on my students’and colleagues’ opinion too. Besides this, I am an active member of other,  the town’s helping nonprofit organization, I know  the possibilities and the difficulties from the inside, the self-organisation’s beautiful and shadow sides.

In the first part I’ll present the Pro Schola, in the second part I’ll present some critical points of the relationship management of the institute-civil organisation.

The presentation of Pro Schola association

What is its aim?

The Pro Schola’s first aim is to support the Bod Peter Teacher training school and the Teacher Training College’s cultural and educational activities. The members are teachers, parents and students from the college.

Who are the beneficiaries?

  1. The Bod Peter Teacher Training school from Kezdivasarhely


Preparing students for the  profession of being teachers, for further studying,  to develop intellectual competences. Our aim is to cultivate the Hungarian culture, universal values, to stimulate collaboration towards tolerance, sensitiveness towards others.

The in  1956 closed teacher training school was reopened in 1990. Since then it has given qualifications, diplomas to 711 graduates. The graduate-pedagogues are working in
Haromszek and in the surrounding villages and towns. At the moment in the school we have per year a mathematics-computer science class, a philology class, and teacher training class.

The school took up the name of the enciclopedical reformed priest from Csernaton, Bod Peter(1712-1769) in 1991. In the last years the  graduate students’ aim is the further studying.

  1. The Teacher Training College from Kezdivasarhely


We would like to train teachers for the surrouning villages and towns who have capability tio use computers, are very well prepaired in Hungarian and Romanian language, who have psichopedagogical knowledge.

The college was opened in 1991 as part of the Babes-Bolyai University and since that time 241 students have graduated.

At the college we have one group per year, nursery school-school teachers and it last 3 years.

Its activities:

  • Pedagogical training in Debrecen, Kolcsey Ferenc Reformed Teacher Training Practice school
    The Gyongyvirag dance group of Bod Peter School on the stage
  • Scientific Students Conference
    Relationship between partner-schools
    • with the Bessenyei Gyorgy Gymnasium, Kisvarda
    • with the paractice-school in Debrecen
  • The Transilvanian Kossuth retorical contest in Kezdivasarhely
  • The organizations of the Bod Peter Days(3 days rich in activities)
    Dancing at Bod Peter Days

Besides the above mentioned yearly organized activities the Pro Schola helps the dance group, the choir, the orchestra, training excursions

The fortune of Pro Schola

  • The camp is situated in Csernaton, 16 kilometers from Kezdivasarhely, near the Ika fortress, in an artistic environment. On the 16 acres of the camp there is a building of 120 m2 (bedroom, bathrooms-for boys and girls, kitchen, pantry, outdoor kitchen, , heating room. Near the house there is a tarrace with roof and a basement. Cold and hot running water assurea the comfort for the campers.
  • Technological devices: 18 computers, internetserver, multimedia device, printer, scanner
  • Furniture: the furniture for the Center of Documentation and Information( chairs, tables, wardrobes, deskc, shelves), the furniture of Pro Schola camp
  • Audiovisual materials: videocamera, TV sets
  • Educational materials: photocopier, flippchart, magnetic blackboard, overhead projector
  • Library with 2548 books (psichology, pedagogy, litarature)


  • Illyes foundation
  • Apaczai Kozalapitvany
  • The Ministry of The National Cultural Inheritance
  • The Educational Ministry  Hungary
  • Kezdivasarhely City’s Council
  • Covasna County’s council
  • Civil organizations:the Rotary Club from Kezdivasarhely and Szeged, Schola Rivulina from
  • Budapest, the Hungarian Community from Boston, , the Red Cross from Kezdivasarhely
  • Individuals
  • Parents
  • Shool employers

We have got a lot of help: work, transportation, constructional materials, , textilia, furniture. We have a valuable bookstaff which was enriched with gifts from Pro Hungaris from Csernaton, the National Szechenyi Library, the University from Szeged, from Veszprem, the institutions from Kisvarda and Debrecen, , parents, graduate students, writers.

We have won a grants for books.

Maybe the civil organizations which support the institutions is a main path , but it is not something wild.

Târgu Secuiesc, september 2005

Bajcsi  Ileana